Astrapi is discontinued since Q2 2016, please be aware of fakes or refurbished items in China/ Ebay

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                           New music replay experience on the go                            high performance & charging-free


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No need to charge, just plug and play

The Astrapi is powered by your iphone and android phone, sufficient current is drawn to make the sound full and dynamic.

Hook up the Astrapi unit, wait for a few seconds and you are ready to enjoy better music quality on the go.


Style & Quality

Aside from portable use Astrapi doubles as a line-out adaptor. Simply max out the volume bar and you will get a clean and full sounding line-out output, which you can connect to your hifi system or portable amplifier.

Featuring an ultra low profile and durable metal design using extensive metal molding and CNC processings, plus a sturdy clip at the back. Simply clip on the edge of your pocket or your belt and enjoy music on the go.


Multi-Platform Support, DSP inbuilt

Works with IOS perfectly*, Android (OTG Vol. adjustment support required)**, PC/Mac with usb2.0 port. All 3 cables are coming in one package.

Built in Digital Sound Processing filter at 16/44.1 for enhanced sonic quality, advanced filtering system keep audible distortion to a minimum level.





Coming with the Astrapi unit, there will be:

Lightning connection cable for IOS*

Micro - micro usb cable for Android

Micro - usb 2.0 connection cable


Bit rate: DSP engine sampling at 16/44.1, all formats playable with software support 

System power current :10mA - 70mA max.

Power input 1.8V-3.3V+-10%

Output gain level step: 3dB/step; 16 steps

Native 16/44.1 decoding and implementation of DSP tuning algorithms

* Output varies as power input may differ, this situation exists on every kind of OS

***all files above 16/44.1 will be replayed non-natively, Onkyo HF player (recommended) by ONKYO CORPORATION and Radius NePlayer is recommended




We will try to opt out phones that has unstable firmware/ otg support here

- Samsung galaxy s6 edge

- Sony Xperia series (recommend testing at stores)


* The device is designed for iOS users, Old 30pin pinnings are NOT supported. 

** For OTG support please refer to your phone's manufacturer's instructions/menu. On some devices only lineout function (full output) can be enabled and output vol. cannot be adjusted.