Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why do I need these devices?

Portable headphones and earphones may lack power (or gain) to be driven well, that's why amplifiers are made to solve the issue, giving music lovers more choice on gain factor, power and tuning. We can see hifi systems consisting of discreet transport(cd player), DAC and power amp, and on Astrapi/ Aegis it resembles the flow, dragging digital signal out to process in our devices - a better shielded, clean circuitry only for audio processing dedicated to drive your cans and earphones to better performance.


Q.2 What makes Cozoy products stand out?

Clean circuitry, no additional function which takes much board space and adds unnecessary loads to the system also altering the housing design and layout of circuitry,

House tuning with advanced digital sound processing refining the output,

Metal design - of high precision and similar processing featured on many other high-end products. You can see parts fitting perfectly together and different metal surface treatments are implemented. 

Our experience and collection of highend ciems, iems, old school products of different chipset, plus continuous feedback from studio people, musicians, fellow audiophiles, gives our product good synergy with the latest goodies and constantly reminds us of the right tuning. We strive for sonic excellence and will continue to put ourselves in the shoes of audiophiles and observe new products and market trends, falling in line with latest techs while maintaining our house sound.


Q.3 Why I hear noise with my earphones?

Some earphones are designed to be driven well by phones and DAPs of low output power. That may suggest the iem/ciem needs better decoding power but not amplification. We have a higher gain on our devices, also not to implement filters to give a false perception on ''clean background''

We aim at maintaining no audible noise on the streets (~50db) pairing with most gears, however different outputs i.e. usb on pc/ i devices may vary in background noise/ interference, we will suggest users to plug on another device and check if it is the problem on the output and if the device is connected to PC, other cables of better shielding/ quality could enhance the overall performance of our devices. Users may also consider getting a resistor-adaptor to lower the output vol. and to filter off noise but this is not recommended.


Q.4 What ''house sound'' is Cozoy putting on the products?

We use a handful of products as benchmark/reference to tune our products, aiming at producing dynamic, well extended lows and highs, sweet but not altered vocals and good imaging. You could throw in an email for opinions on certain pairings and we will try our best to answer and go demo if we don't have the item on hand.